Heatsinks for Aleph

I will build aleph 2 or aleph x (100w one), I still have to decide on this, because they have equal dissipation, and I will start building chasis..

So heres the question, how many of heatsinks in following pics will I have to use, will 4 be enough for one channel? (They measures 14cm X 18cm X 6cm)


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Heatsink specs

If you don't know the specs, two good options are...

Go to Aavid Thermalloy website http://www.aavidthermalloy.com/products/extrusion/products.shtml
and use the search engine to find a group of heatsinks similar to yours. With some effort you can start to draw some conclusion about the likely rating of your heatsinks. Helps to measure yours and figure the area of heatsink per unit length. (in.^2/in. or cm^2/cm).

Secondly, mount a power resistor to one of yours, dissipate some known amount of power (say, 20W), and measure the temperature rise. This is the best way to really know what you have.