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If you are looking for High powered heat sinks, I have just came across an Australian wholesale supplier with a a decent range to compliment conrad heatsinks.

You can check out their website ( a bit old) as I cant upload the complete range. They cut to size and alodine (gold finish, not anodise)

I use these for many applications, rectifiers power supplies, and for my Australian Amplifiers projects.

Fastron Technologies Pty Ltd



  • G Fin Heatsink (H21).pdf
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  • HD-D-120-1 - Heatsink [Alcan Singen HKHD-A 1201].pdf
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  • HD-R-300 - Heatsink [Alcan Singen HKH-R 300].pdf
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Aussie's have it good; Heatsink wise. This continent is defiantly sink, cap & active poor: Sucks Why?

Well the AUD to USD exchange rate (1USD=1.45AUD) is certainly favoring Aussie sinks for us Yanks lately. Not so good for Canada (1/1).
Been there, done that:
In 2009 (@ 1USD/1.50AUD) I ordered (12) Conrad MF35-151.5 (big ones) at $45.35AUD each. Twelve fit perfect in Fedex's largest box; shipping to Texas was $202.AUD. Total cost $746.AUD.
Paypal currency conversion made it $497.USD total out of pocket.

It worked out very well ! The (12) cost me $41.USD each
I sold 4 pairs at $100/pr in 2days. Pleased with my remaining 4 @$25each ;)

Might just do it again, but maybe for a lot of those Fastron H42 profile.

PS: Deal with Juan Wales at Conrad, he put that buy together, made it happen
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In 2002 I bought the same sinks MF35-151.5 for 28.80 AU a while ago but a great deal at the time. They are still relatively cheap and I'm surprised that the cost is so low given that on almost anything else I buy from Digikey in US as AU competent suppliers are very very costly. Curious how much the fastron sinks are?

By the way Julian is still at conrad spoke to him last week.
'Mersen' http://ep-ca.mersen.com/products/catalog/line/extrusion-heatsink/
is certainly worth looking at, as they have a couple of IMO superior extrusions (deeper fins ) available than Conrad, albeit not blacked.
Check out their; # 65340 and # 66478, perhaps those suit your needs?
Located on this continent at least.. with several regional outlets in Us and Canada ;)
I was a bit offput by Heatsinksusa, as their selection is quite limited and their handling charge + shippings seem disproportionate imo.

Then there is the DIYAudio 'store'... one can buy a 3U or 4U disspante case 'Delivered' for reasonable prices.. now.
Might be worth it for it's heatsinks alone?
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