Heatsink for chip amps


2019-04-01 11:14 am
Hey friends,
I'm once again here for my audio amplifier craze!

This time I have a query about the heatsink size for different types of chip amps like tda2030A, tda2050 etc..
I have a couple of Heatsinks with me but don't know which should be right one for these chips. So I want to know if I use two of tda2030A or tda2050 chips to build a stereo amp then what size would be correct ?

I have one 4 inches x 2 inches and one 12 inches x 2.5 inches but I know that obviously it would not require too big to fit into a metal cabinet. So please help me about the size.

Thanks in advance


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For 2 chip amps i would use the big heat sink.
you can read about my estimation of heats ink at the LM1875 thread :
read this and you will get a better felling at experienced DiY

i use a 2,3K/W small heat sink:
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this is good for lab test and music listening at normal level...if i push at the max in 8R this gets really hot. use a temp measurement tool that at all condition the chip do not get more then 70°C!! during normal listening 1Watt - 10W the heat sink it is luke warm.