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Heathkit XO-1 power cords

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I am trying to find a couple of power cords for these crossovers. They have two round terminal ends that plug into the crossover. I have no idea where to find these and can something be made to work, (phono jacks or something)?

Anybody have any experience with an issue like this?

Thank you, Tom
Sorry it took so long to post pic.


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Just checked my (poor) memory, and these came originally with a captive power cord run through a grommet, knot tied inside for strain relief. Classic Heathkit construction of the day. Are you sure that's not the case for yours?

All good fortune,

Don't know.

Haven't been able to find much info. at all on these.

It does appear to be some sort of plug-in power cord.
Is there a hole (about 3/8") on the back panel for the grommet? Can you post a picture of the whole back panel?

Banana plugs CANNOT be used for AC power. No way, no how. Think of the exposed (and exposable) voltages - it's a widow-maker.

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The pic. posted is basically the whole back. There is no other receptacle of any sort other than what you see in the pic.
Tom B: There seems to be some confusion here.

Your picture shows two small round panel mount connectors, as well as an old 2 prong power out AC connector (no ground).

Your post has "power cords" in the title. It appears to most of the members that replied here that the 2 small round holes cannot be AC power connectors, as the mating connector would then have live AC mains voltage sitting on exposed male plugs, extremely dangerous and not likely.

Are the two round connectors some sort of signal connectors? Are these original or has this equipment been modified?

Can you post a picture of the bottom with the cover off? That would help alot at this point.......
perhaps it would help if you were to open it up and find out the following:

1. Just what do the two banana jacks connect to, and are they in fact insulated from the chassis. They do not look stock, and are not in the schematic nor in photos of the intereior of other units.

2. Find the primary wires for the power transformer, and see what is connected to them.

This might be of use:
Electronic Crossover XO-1 Misc Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Be
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