Heat Test

I want to perform a heat dissipation test to make sure I do a good heatsink selection.

The point is to take one IRFP244 MOSFET (Aleph) and run it in order to have 25W of heat to dissipate (each MOSFET in the Aleph 2 must handle about this amount of power). Then check the temperature of various heatsinks.

Could anyone suggest me a test circuit to achieve this? I don't have my Aleph PSU yet, only a ±28Vdc (high current).



2002-03-24 11:44 pm
Dude man,

Why not just use resistors instead of going to the trouble of using active devices. Just change the voltage and voila, new trial.

Also. 6 devices on one sink at 25W each ain't the same as 1 device on 1/6 of a sink at 25W. Run a sim on the R-Theta site to see what I mean.... it's an, er, "educational experience", ya ya that's the ticket....