Headphone question

I recently accuired an old Elektor Magazine from 1983. In it is a design of a 160mW Class-A discrete headphone amplifier.

I want to build it, but is it worthwhile to build a discrete amplifier (with way more components) or can I use a LM833, which I’ve bought already, and get the same quality sound?

I have no problem building either, but will have to design a PCB if using the LM833.

If the op-amp variation is better, is there a good PCB layout around?


2003-02-17 7:38 pm

check out library, projects, faqs ...

1st question is what impedance are your headphones

high Z headphones like the senn hd series (300 Ohms) can be sucessfully driven by many op amps

low Z headphones like grado (32 Ohms) require more current than many op amps can supply

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