Headphone amplifier related help please


2008-01-09 6:00 am
Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to build an amplifier to an existing circuitry, and how can I find the place to where I should connect the amplifier. Here’s the story:

I have ordered the AKG Hearo 787 wireless Surround headphones. The package consists of wireless headphones and a signal processing unit. The thing is that the signal processing unit does not have an audio output for wired headphones so I can only use the wireless ones that come with the package. I would probably like to buy some quality headphones and use the signal processing unit with them. So is it possible to connect a headphone amplifier to the circuitry of the signal processing unit so I could use wired headphones instead? Do you think it will be a difficult task?

Here’s some info on the Hearo 787:


Thanks for you replies.