Hdmi gosh


2008-08-21 11:12 am
Any tips?

Yes, provide some usable information...;):D
for all we know you're trying to put one end of an hdmi cable into a piece of fruit and the other into a road sign and expect to see the annual migration of the Eastern Swallow.... :D

What is it you are trying to do and what works and what doesn't and what hardware/software etc etc etc
A confession...

I is a dunce :xeyes:

Hardly ever having tried to hook up anything HDMI, after much toil and some reading of manual it appears that my entire issue boils down to:

The "TV" must be hooked up also by an HDMI to appease the HDCP lottery commissioner within the HTR, before it will consent to an HDMI connection from the input device (PC Multimedia) being passed through. I was under the apparently uncorrect impression a non-HDMI monitor [connection] would work. Yes, in the case of my DVI-only (with adapter) monitor, but not with the HTR. Gotta love that HDCP. Not.

Even the "bad" cable appears to now work, for the monitor cable if nothing else.

Tuesday's project is to troubleshoot the Mr. Coffee espresso machine, but I don't believe that DIYAudio has a forum for that :rolleyes:

These facts are buried deep in the manual and require much :confused: and :mad: before reaching the state of :D .
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