I,m new here and sorry for my English.I,m old scholl boy and my gear is all tube diy,But my Brother has buy OLIVE player -that was the point to think
how can I play my backuped music -of CD,s all in Flac and Wawe to my HIFI
System? I,m not digital experiend and my Question is how to make to play files from HDD to hifi system ,without to use PC .? I have think about separate HDD -DAC -HI-FI .I dont know how to control HDD ,conversion of Files ,and display tracks .
Thanks for ideas


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
A good question and a good idea. I don't know an HDD player that plays FLAC, but there may be some. (eBay is full of HDD players) Searching this forum should lead you to one, if someone else doesn't point you to one first.

Once you have the digital stream to the DAC, then it's no big deal to send the analog outputs on to your tube amp.