Has this "Hiend" brand driver from fleabay been discussed here?

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Yes Jim, Sorry that I omitted that. I did intend to include it, but forgot and submitted the post without it. Here it is:
Pair 2 HiEnd 4inch Full Range Fullrange Speaker Defy Lowther Fostex Aura | eBay

He does include TS parameters and a FR graph. He compares these 4” or so drivers with Fostex, Lowther, Aura. Are Aura not quite different from Fostex and Lowther in concept and application, making it a very general comparison? Qts is lisited at .481 which would put them out of horn territory, no? Interesting that they are 4 ohm-that might suggest certain designs/amps as well it seems. They are nice to look at. Aluminum basket. I have noticed that Fostex does not include a whizzer (or phase plug for that matter) on their smaller drivers.

There is also an 8” Alnico for much bigger bucks here:Pair 2pcs Alnico HiEnd 8inch Fullrange Speaker Driver Defy Lowther Fostex | eBay
The FR graph looks good except a big dip at 5k, what could be done about that, and would it likely be as annoying as a similar sized peak at the same point?
Thanks DYNABLASTERTUNERS , Your links(above) were very helpful. The latest page (7) on the second linked-thread includes comments on the ferrite magnet version that has replaced the earlier neo mag. model.

From the info here, it seems that dealing with the e bay seller can be a good experience, and that these good looking speakers are a good value. Bass is said to be strong for it's size as a FR driver.

Follow links from DYNABLASTERTUNERS above for more info.

If others have bought these, I'd like to know their impressions.

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