Has anyone used the Alpha 15 in a two way?

I have them in this set up. I REALLY like them.


Er, 2KHz is about the worst possible XO frequency in the book, being slap-bang in the middle of our critical hearing BW. Granted, it's popular for compact multiways, primarily because about 90% of the midbass units lurking around product catalogues these days can only manage that before their response goes to hell in a handbasket, but if you can avoid it, then IMNSHO, avoid it in the same way you would avoid a dose of the fell Ludolphous' palsy.

Leaving such philosophies aside, the Alpha 15 is not going to be a happy camper being asked to motor up that high. Take a gander at Eminence's own published (on-axis) FR for a graphic demonstration of it's deep and abiding reluctance. To which you can add potentially lousy transient response & a polar response that will almost certainly bring new meaning to the word 'interesting.' 500Hz would be as high as I'd be willing to take them.