Has anyone tried a Betsy-K in a met?

Has anyone modeled this combination? I've been digging around but can't seem to find anything. It seems like it might be a cool build but my skills are on the woodworking end and very much lacking on the engineering side of things.:confused: A point in the right direction, your experiences/ ideas or help designing enclosure dimensions would be hugely appreciated!
Here is a design that might work - it is big though as you would expect for an 8 inch driver. Dimensions in inches. Use a 1.5 mH + 4 ohm BSC.

Width_top = (8.00 * 0.0254);
Depth_top = (2.00 * 0.0254);
Height = (60.0 * 0.0254);
Width_bot =(26.0 * 0.0254);
Depth_bot = (16.00 * 0.0254);
Leg_Height = (3.0 * 0.0254);
Driver_pos = (23.0 * 0.0254);   | Distance from top  

| Port depth and length
Port_len = (2.6 * 0.0254);
Port_dia = (5.0 * 0.0254);


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Very close to a MLTL I posted/was built the other year on the WBAL forum, which performed quite well [1st plot], so looks like a winner. Note that minimal damping sims a full 10 Hz shift lower than AkAbak! Not sure if I believe it though.



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Thanks so much for the help! It does seem like it might be something to try. I knew it was going to be a bit large, but that isn't too bad. Is there any way to get away from using bsc though?

You can do line level BSC between preamp and power amp and keep parts small and cheap. Or just EQ it if you have an EQ or run from a computer/mp3 player.
It's 60" tall same as your Met with a constant [rectangular] taper, dual 6" dia. x 3" vents, driver down 24" Vs your 23", 267.466"^2 CSA Vs your 416"^2, so ~9.287 ft^3 Vs your ~5.944 ft^3.

Smaller footprint, much larger net Vb for greater acoustic efficiency and easier to make, so other than for cosmetic related considerations, positive tapered cabs rarely make sense to me.

I call a positive taper like the Met a ML-horn Vs MJK's ML-TQWT.

I'm not married to the met enclosure if there is a different cabinet design that has proven itself to be great. I should add that this driver will be actively crossed and bi-amped with a ss powered 8" sub. The amp for the full ranger is a vintage EL84 tube amp that just sings but gets a bit soft on the low bass duties. I really want to avoid any passive xo or the need for bsc in this system if possible. Do you have recommendations for something better in this setup for a pretty large room?
One other way to avoid BSC is to build the WIBAQ as a bipole with two drivers each and mount vent as down firing towards floor with feet, or two vents one forward and one backwards. The box volume doubles and vent csa doubles. But you can now place speaker away from walls anywhere in room and bass will be good without BSC. It's a big box though almost pro size towers of sound. I think they would sound great this way though if you have the money and room for it.