Has anyone run a Carvin DCM2000 at 3.2 ohms per channel?


2020-01-02 1:56 pm
I am getting ready to run a stage at a local festival in a few weeks. I have several amps, but my big iron Carvin DCM2000 is the only one I have that is rated (on paper) for 2 ohm/channel loads.

My current plan is to set 3 8 ohm trapezoidal mains on each side of the stage. With parallel speaker jacks, the amp will see a nominal 3.2 ohms per channel. While on paper the DCM is 2 ohm safe, I have heard horror stories of long term operation in these conditions. With 3.2 being closer to 4, I'm hoping that it won't be a problem. I will be running audio 40 min per hour for 10 hours.

I haven't heard of anyone trying 3.2 ohms per channel on one of these amps, but maybe someone has done it and can share their experiences.

I have a Crown XLS802 and 2 QSC PLX1804 amps, but one of these needs to run 4 stage monitors. I would rather run multiple amps than have the Carvin cut out on me, but if it can run this setup I can run audio on fewer electrical circuits.