Has anyone heard of the Pioneer SA-7300 amplifier made back in the 70's?


2001-10-27 4:56 pm
Has anyone heard of the Pioneer SA-7300 amplifier made back in the late 70's?
If anyone has, is it a high-end, good sounding amp back then?
If someone by lucky chance still know the specs for this amp, how much power can this amp crank out at 8ohms?
How much power can this amp crank out at 4ohms?


2001-07-13 5:32 am
from dad

Yeah, i found the amp, lying about in my basement. It needed a little bit of work on it, but it's all good..

There's an audio store down town selling a
Pioneer SA-9500-II, it looks a little different, but probably just as good, and there only asking 200$ for it..


2001-10-27 4:56 pm
whoa..$200US!..i my SA-7300 was bought for I think $50US(might be less)..lm looking for any shiny quality built golden age pioneer amplifier from SA-8500 upwards to the ultimate top model...the SA-9900. How much would an amp in the SA-8000's cost?
(Best if I get my hands on the SA-9800(second top model) or the SA-9900 still in good condition at a very cheap price - if I can't, then any amp in the SA-8000's still in good condition will do fine)
Second Hand Audio Shops


If you are humble enough to be seen in pawn shops and the "Vinnies" (if you are an Aussie you know what that means) you can find some good bargains. Also if you can really swallow your pride and keep an eye on the sides of the road during community cleanups, you would be amazed at what people throw out.

So the answer to your question is haunt small electronics repair shops(seen a huge Sansui amp for around $300 the other day), Cash Converters(they can be a bit pricey at times, you can find some bargains), pawn shops, "Sallies", "Vinnies" and etc. I picked up a pair of speakers along side the road at clean up last week, that are a pair of old Philips using Belgium drivers and just needed the one 10" driver pole piece aligned, a bit of work on the crossover and sound fantastic(OK, I know there are some eyebrows raising about my listening abilities), for an hour of tinkering and pottering I have a pair of good sounding speakers. Peter at Speakerworks will be replacing the surrounds on the woofers, and I plan to replace the caps and resistors on the crossover board. If you are wondering about the quality of the boxes, well when fully assembled with all the drivers, they probably weigh around 30kg or 70lbs each!

I expect to be driving through Double Bay someday and find a pair of B & W 801's on a clean-up! Yeah, right!!

Also garge sales and estate sales can be good, because the kids do not think gramp's stereo is cool because it is old, does not have a remote and lots blinking lights.

Good Luck,

Surf, Sun & Sound
Pioneer SA-7300

I have one. It still goods quite good. A web search gives conflicting results; one of 30W, and one of 120W. From the sounds of it, I'm more inclined to accept the latter.
I have it sourced with various c.d. and dvd players, and my computer, going through an Alto mixer, JVC 7-band eq., and into a home-made pair of speakers that have to be heard to be believed.



2013-11-14 4:04 am
Mine says 130W....It just blew today from trying to push out peak power to kicker comps. Im searching to get it repaired. Fuse is good. It doesnt light up but the output power to other components light up. The front to the amp doesnt light up or sends out sound. Its good that it powers up other components plugged into it. Hope its a simple fix