Has anyone compared the AKSA amps to any of the Aleph amps?

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I´m about to build an amp that I plan to have for a long time and I have been thing of a pair of Aleph 60 monoblocks. But due to the heat and large power requirements of these class A monoblocks I´m also considering the AKSA 100W amplifier. I would like to know what people think of these amps (both the Alephs and the AKSA 55/100W).

The AKSA would be (in my opinion at least) a very cheap amp to build and probably the best price/performance ratio.

AKSA comparo


I won't tell you how good the AKSA is; rather, I will tell you the design brief.

1. Musicality approaching tube; all testing conducted alongside, and also compared with my first amp, the Glass Harmony, a tube hybrid using 6SL7 front end and a SE mosfet 50V 3A output stage. The AKSA is actually more dynamic and lifelike.
2. Low cost using readily available componentry which can be replaced with 'audiophile' grade components for even more performance. An upgrade, called the Nirvana, is now available.
3. Resolution of the three big issues with SS PP amplifiers; intermodulation distortion, crossover artefacts, and unfavourable distortion spectrum due to cancellation of the even order harmonics.
4. A solution to the dead, mechanical sonics of conventional PP SS circuits. The reasons for this were found, explored, and utlimately resolved.

I am not a trained EE, and neither do I pretend to have superior technical knowledge. My training is in English literature, music, and IT. So I tried to ignore the meter reading and listened instead - the designed is based very largely on empiricism. The results certainly vindicate this stand, even if the philosophy is a little controversial. I don't mind that; even my own family thinks I'm a nutter...... You don't get anywere without a little heresy!

More than the amp is the service. When you build it, you get technical help by email if there is a problem. This is very important to DIY constructors, and believe me, a lot get into trouble despite a sometimes impressive list of achievements.

The AKSA is selling very well. The work involved in all this is huge as I am a sole trader, but it's very rewarding. A large portion of my business is repeat, and many constructors are now embarking on multiamp systems for HT and active systems. The amp can be tailored to specific frequency bands and power ratings, too, which makes it highly versatile.

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I think I´ll order a 100W AKSA from you when i get the $$$ to do so.

I might order a 55W AKSA at the same time to power my second system here in my working room, and maybe for a future HT setup for the rear channels?

OR I´ll buy two 100W units and use a pair of good bookshelf speakers and two subwoofers.

As you can see I´ve got a lot to think about and I will do so throughly before ordering :)

The shipping cost to Europe (I´m in Sweden) wasn´t very high I think.

At least I found a beautiful case for the AKSA at a local electronics store today!

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