Has anyone checked out the new PD Neodymium drivers?


2004-04-07 1:47 am
Tampa, FL
I haven't heard these speakers, so I can't make any first hand comments on sound quality. However, my guess is... looking at that impedence curve, they don't use shorting rings to lower the distortion (which PHL does). Probably one reason PHL has the reputation they do, low distortion/high efficiency makes for a good combination.

For an interesting PHL competitor, have you looked into B&C. I would like to get my hands on a pair of those for a listen.


diyAudio Chief Moderator
Paid Member
2002-10-08 11:31 am
I have had experience with B&C 6.5, 8, 10 inch and PHl 6.5 , 8 , 12 , 15 inch. The PHL is always more organic sounding with less distortion. Recently they have done some modification to their back coating method and they audibly decreased distortion further.
B&C is very very good for the price, dryer and more offensive compared to PHL though. An Italian brand that I found interesting compared to B&C is 18 sound.