Has anyone built David Broadhurst's DAC?

I have built David's DAC. You can see the picture of my DAC on his web site: http://www.geocities.com/d_broadhurst/index.html.
I can highly recommend his design. It blows my previous DAC I was using for last 6 years (Technics X-1000, originally priced at $CAD 8,000) when it comes to detail, ambience, midrange and soundstage. Very well implemented design. To tell the truth I don't even feel like listening to records anymore.

You can see them at the above link at the bottom of the David's web page. Lots of the components like caps, resistors, diodes, chassis parts I've already had, transformers I bought surplus, the only parts I really had to buy were digital chips (which were about $CAD 100, receiver chip I obtained as a sample), PCB was $100, switched attenuator $80. My estimate would be no more than $400 to $500 total depending on what kind of regulators you would like to use and oscillator. I recommend to use the best oscillator because it makes big difference. I bought mine from Tweak Audio. Also I'm using 8 transformers with separate transformers for digital and analog parts of DAC chips with LT regulators everywhere (total 11). Hope it helps,

See previous post for costs. I paid $4 per tansformer and chassis parts I bought also surplus cost me no more than $30. Of course I had to machined them to fit my needs.
If you like that project wait until you see the next one. I have just bought Philips transport CD-PRO 2 from http://www.daisy-laser.nl/homeoptics/. I plan to combine it with a TDA1541 or AD 1865 DAC, without oversampling, with a separate power supply.
I got inspired by Sakura Systems and 47Laboratory electronics.
I think it may sound pretty good.