Has anyone a picture from inside a kharma or vonschweikert loudspeaker?


2006-04-04 11:24 am
The chances of you finding photos inside a kharma or von Sch. here is very slim indeed.

You still want to make a V. Sch clone! Your best bet is to find a Von Sch owner, if he/she will let you explore(incl. open up and identify the x-over circuitry, types of components used, damping, cabinet thickness, types of wood used) the speakers to the fullest so that you would be able gather enough info to clone it. Even that it is not fool proof.

All the best in your hunt.
I have seen diagrams of both, but can't remember where... The only diagram/illustration I ever saw of the internals of a VS were four the VR4 or VR4.5 of something like that, it was the most popular model at the time and I think in the middle of the range. It was nothing special if I remember correctly with the prevailing theories being that the drivers and crossover design was the star of the show and the cabinets just designed to do no harm, though clearly at a particular price point. I could be wrong..

The kharma diagram was part of a review, I think Stereophile, and it showed a kind of random interior cut from these vertical layers of material, kind of reminded me of a studio difuser panel thouch shaped like a cave behind the driver and tapering back kind of like a terminated transmission line. It looked interesting and it was hard to imagine standing waves or internal reflections coming back at the driver with any focused intensity. If I was doing a sealed midrange/midbass I would certainly consider the extra work to do something similar.