Has anybody built, or even heard the Halcyon speakers by Curt Campbell?

Newbie here These Halcyons look very interesting to me because of their ability to be placed up against the wall. i have a poorly configured listening room with no non-divorce options for improvement. Unfortunately, I can't find anybody who has ever built or even heard these speakers, despite the high regard of the designer, who seems to be incommunicado, at least to my efforts. Two companies sell complete kits, including cabinets, so hopefully somebody out there has built them and perhaps done some auditions or comparisons. Thanks.
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Hi Alan,

1st of all, Curt is still sick to the point of being off work. He is getting better.

You finally jogged my memory. Curt showed the Halcyon at the 2016 Iowa DIY event which also means I heard them in my house since we always get together the night before the event to catch up a bit. Iowa 2016 | Midwest Audio Club

My recollection is fuzzy but I remember they they sounded really nice. However, I don't have the room and placement issues you have. Maybe someone else that attended 2016 Iowa DIY can offer more feedback? You may want to post on the PE forum with that question.


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Starting Halcyon build

Bob Berner made a beautiful flat pack. Everything fits perfectly. Mine to screw up. First fitting: