Hart Kits - John Linsley Hood - Construction Manual Please!!

Thanks to Nautibuoy, and other members, have established that I have 2 x K1100M monoblock amps here requiring attention.
The amps are referred to in this link...halfway down page...on LHS


There's also mention, a couple of lines further down that page, of a construction manual that went with the Hart kits at the time.....and that is what I'd really like to get my hands on at this time :)

A little bit of research on this forum, took me to a post from Andy5112405 who had said manual....but Oh Law of Sod....he is a banned member, and I have no way of contacting him....:(

If anyone out there can point me towards this, I'd be very grateful!!!
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I do not know about the construction manual but at least you can find the schematics here:
A Paul Kemble web page - JLH mosfet amplifiers.

I do not know if it helps....

Thanks for that fab...'every little helps' as they say!!
TBH...the amps are already built...most likely 25 to 30 years ago!
I was just hoping to find a decent copy of the construction manual for the sake of completeness!!
Have a great Christmas!!:)