Harman Kardon Korean transistors

I have a HK AVR25II receiver with Korean transistors (KEC). The power transistors shorted and caused some of the drivers feeding them to fail. I need some KTA2400GG transistors to attempt to complete the repairs. It appears that there are no outlets in the US for KEC transistors. KEC will not respond to my emails. The electronics brokers online want me to buy 2000 minimum before they will quote a price. HK no longer stocks this part, can't order it, and can't offer a sub. Any help finding this transistor somewhere in the world or a possible sub would greatly be appreciated.

gain wire

2004-11-27 4:04 am
Hi there

You might not have considered this but did you know you can use other, more common transistors? There is nothing special about these, unless they are in some special case (I did not check the datasheet although I should have).

Do you have the schematic?

I guess you could use any 2N or MJE type replacement that has similar characteristics. yeah, time to check the datasheet!
KTA2400GG transistor

I checked the 2SA1207 and the 2sc2909, and the specs look close. I can't find the 2SA1207T. The suppliers I found only list the 2sa1207, no hfe rating. Only one channel is out on this receiver ( AVR25II). If the transistor gain is much lower in the new transistors, and the balance control is centered, there may be a noticable difference. I may have to rebuild both channels. At least now I have a transistor to work with.