Harman/Kardon HK870 blowing fuses

I have a Harman/Kardon HK870 that I have been sitting on for some time now. What happens is one of the channels (left or right I don't quite remember) keeps blowing a fuse. I was seeing if anyone can help me figure out what is wrong. I do have a service manual and a volt meter is there any other tools that may be needed.

I tested the transistors on the channel that was blowing the fuses, I found that between c and e there was continuity on both npn's so I pulled them out and turns out only one of them did, I assume it was showing both with continuity because they are on the same circuit. I don't know if both have to be replaced or if they have to be matched. Since these are getting hard to come by I will replace all 4 of the npns, if the amp works maybe I will seek couple pairs of pnps. What do you think.
Should Be Easy...

No need to replace all the outputs, just the one that is blown.
Also check the driver transistors and all resistors throughout the driver/output stage....fusible resistors can look ok even when open circuit.
Resolder the driver/output stage being sure to include the bias monitor transistor....HK's suffer dry joints ime.
Connect a 40W lamp across the mains fuseholder and run it up...if all is ok the lamp will barely glow.
If ok, refit mains fuse and adjust dc offsets and bias currents.

Good luck, Dan.
Its been awhile but i finally replaced one of the transistors, it would blow the fuse but would take a while. Turns out i had a 3amp fuse instead of the 5amp it calls for. Would the 2 amps make a differnce. I will go ahead and replace the other. If for some reason they are not matched what will happen.