Hanging on to vintage speakers

I have an old set of Pioneer HPM 900s in great shape that I use in my exercise area, as well as some Klipsch KG 5.5s that have been my main speakers for the stereo. I'm currently putting together a hybrid open baffle system that will be the new main speakers. I like some things about each of my old speaker systems, but they're big and in the way, and the wife would like smaller speakers in the exercise area. I don't think that either system is "fabulous" sounding, but definitely better than a lot thats out there today. I should sell them both, but know that I'll be almost giving them away if I do (especially the Pioneers). I just have difficulty getting rid of old, cool things, even if I really don't need them and they're in the way. I've mulled over harvesting some of the drivers from the Pioneer from a new project, or replacing the Tractrix of the Klipsch with an Econowave, but I'm not sure it makes sense cost or timewise. Any advice?


2005-05-11 3:05 pm
I say hang onto to anything that you value, but couldn't get a bunch of coin for. Translation: At least one set of those speakers is worth storing somewhere, somehow, for when you need them. There are anti-hoarding types that just want things gone.. and I've felt that way at times. But for everytime I wanted things gone, outta my space, my life, there can't possibly be a use for (insert).. I ended up needing that very item at some future date!

Speakers are big though. They do take up a lot of space. Somebody must be the keeper, however.

Unless we're just talking about junk. And then it has no value, and the theory holds..

Truth be told, I have a pair of (at least) 25yo Kenwoods that were handed down by the old man. He spent 4 hours on a Tuesday night in 1980something listening to every single speaker, and these were the one's that sounded best.

So I humor the old man.. I hang on. They don't sound half bad either, since I put new midranges in them. Excellent low mids and bass actually... probably why he got 'em.
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