Halojoy, from Sweden, my gênius friend, sent regards to all forum guys, in special

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For the old ones, that have good knowledge of him.

here is his message:

Hello, Carlos

You are not looking that pretty, man,
There is no way you could win Mister World
and not even Miss World!

But beauty comes from your own eye:
What is not beautiful fro one
is very beautiful for another.

If I say you are a beautiful man in Brasil
is because I have seen your beauty.
The inner beauty .... Beauty of soul.

I am glad I met you Carlos
maybe Deus ( muslim: Allah; swedish: Gud; english: God
have plan we should meet,
and ..
..... you give hope to me, halojoy
..... I give hope to you, Carlos

Angels, cherubino, Holy Ghost can make
things come together,
they bring quiet, silent message from God.
They help make things happen,
in the Nome and Glory of Deus.

You never forget me,
halojoy WILL NEVER Forget such good friend.

You are, in my eyes, a very beautiful person.
And, if Allah is somwhere, nowhere or everywhere,
I want to give Gloria and Grazias a la Allah,
for Send Carlos my way!

north of sweden
in end of summer 2005

Attachment text file is 3 posts from UGLY thread.
This is why I am talking BEAUTY to you now.
You are posting in UGLY, but you are not UGLY.
There are Ugly people, such as ban halojoy
but ...
I thank My God, also there are beautiful persons.

you may publish anything in this letter
at http://diyaudio.com/

Give my regards to all nice and friendly members.
Never Mind, Be Happy and forget those bad apples.



I do not understand why he did not clean all coockies, reload windows formating PC

And do not enter as Lo-joy-ha or other encripted name.

Because forum moderators never told clearly that he cannot return....the opposite, all them wrote to me saying that he can enter...of course, obbeying the forum rules.

Some of them sustain that he is beeing self punished by something, as he was just advised....not really banished...the one are considered the guilty, clearly prove that has nothing against Halojoy, and that is also missing him.

Well, i am not a gênius to understand Halojoy, but i think, that do not matter if he is complicated, if he is an Anjo or a Devil, the real thing is that he was the most special guy in our forum.

Reading our forum since the beginning, you will capture what i mean.... and i think, to read the forum since the beggining is something very good to know...to learn who is who, to take care when open discussion with our big minds, not to produce scandall.

I think something related to pride,i suppose he may want to be invited, or keep on trying to punish the responsable (maybe himself had some responsability...reading you will see that Halojoy gone direct into some very delicated point...comerce inside forum...and this is something that we may see and never perceive...hehe.)....but the Swedish guys is punishing all of us.... having lost him, lost his fun, his capacity to move people to do this or that...leadership beeing made in a very special way.

Well, ...what is forbiden and what is allowed is really Audiofreak decision, and moderators to follow instructions, this is my point of view...to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar, and to the lions the ones create problems...my God!.... eated again.... new century?

I do not give a ship related the ones can have reason or not, the real thing is that this guy was very, very, very interesting, funny, and had the power to make people show things that is keept hidden since he disappeared from our eyes, and heart.

He opened the best forum thread.... wonderfull.... people humble, without Certificates, degrees, PHD, showing their human things, the Ugly amplifiers made...i tried to turn it alive.... i re-openned that thread...nothing happens...in our moment of big scientist discussing the "crossover micro fluctuation modulated by histeresis from Magneto-cosmic particles"..those simple, and not professional. very common, ordinary human things were ashamed by our doctors proficiency, capabilities and Mathematics that go deep into the" electrons turning fat because supply is too much stable".

There are a lot of guys that use to write to me, I feel good with that, sending warm feelings and congratulations because i use to have fun....telling that love my kiddings that turns forum a little bit more interesting, less heavy of "macro molécules ground patch flowing when first cicle appear distorted 0.0001 percent when input condenser is loading".... and i could not make them show their Ugly boards... as he did.... i am always keeping my own position beeing soft and not dangerous, a happy clown, i could not polish Halojoy shoes.

Terrible lost...the damn human pride, i imagine, may have attacked Mr. Halojoy, a very good swedish guy!...he is not trying to enter...comercial interests may not invite him to enter again, afraid that he open his big damn mouth again..and this is possible...reincidence in the same mistake.... a damn bull Ship that sittuation...one side; a very complicated and sensitive guy.... the other side waiting he turns more flexible and enter the system's rails, in a humble way, exercising the forgive power, that all Christian knows that is a good solution to problems, but there are many few ones that have the courage to go above their own limits.

I need to say, to myself and to all of us, that we are passengers in this life, in this planet, that we may have some mission, and maybe have to face enormous problems to understand what is evil, and that thing is inside ourselves..how to control that thing...in other works, evolute as a "thinking energy", changing the world around us, making significants movements to show the way...all of that is our responsability, not to accept Iraqui when New Orleans are needing help...well, those things.... to tell clear that dark guys and poor guys had not the needed attention, they only move when all world start to scream..."They are humans!.... skin dark is because our own Universal Genetic informations!... our ancestors were completelly black!"...Iraqui is now so divided that no american super glue will fix it...let them find their way... and bring the boys back home!

Well, moderators are beeing very nice guys...they keept this thread alive because a very special condescendence, a very special tollerance they have related my person, and i thank them all very much... i can perceive, rigth here, your positive energies sent to me...i can feel that without any effort, and helping me to be happy and alive, as i have my own realistic massive problems too.

This thread has nothing about electronics, and beeing here, for more than 12 hours, is showing clealy tollerance, acceptance to broke their own rules to be kind and human with our friend.

But it will not be here for too long.the thread must go away, as have not consistence to be here for too long..some time is beeing give to a lot of ushave enougth time to read, when interested with the Halojoy subject, and we will moved for another place, as this is not diy audio, and not Solid State too...this is diy audio beeing kind, and accepting exceptions for some time...as we accept our kids to go into lame, to play some ball inside our homes, to glue mashing gum under the chair and those things.

Good by friends, and thank you very much by the attention,
the permission our moderators, Jason, Audiofreak and others are giving us may warm my friend Halojoy, so confused and sad heart.

That God take care of him...and a good care, for a very nice guy!


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