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Half Price Shipping on Seas Fullrange Drivers

To promote both the new Seas Prestige fullrange driver we are offering 1/2 price intl shipping to any country on every pair purchased. Postal service will be used with a delivery time of (3-10days) You can view the new Seas FA22RCZ by clicking on the link below. This offer is also valid for the Seas Exotic Drivers which are also listed below:

Seas Prestige FA22RCZ (H1597-08) 8" Fullrange Speaker

SEAS Exotic X1-08, F8, 8 ohm, 8inch Full Range Driver - Hasaudio

SEAS Exotic, X1-04, F8, 4 ohm, 8" Full Range Driver - Hasaudio

For shipping quotes please either reply to this thread or PM me. From our experience it will cost you about $50nzd extra for shipping for 1 pair of fa22rcz's with the 50% discount.