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Half price Seas Excel drivers plus mega cabinets!

Hi All,

Got 4 pairs of half price Seas Excel 8 inch Magnesium coned drivers.
Two pairs of matching 20 litre MDF sealed cabinets, one pair in Satin metalic grey paint....Perfect match with the cones!

Three mega quality line array / panel cabinets...See attached document for photo's and details.

Last pair of beautiful Acrylic open baffle cabinets....Pics attached.

UK buyers only as all heavy items.
PM for more info.


  • £150 for three big solid MDF cabinets.pdf
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What is the price of each package you are selling?
I got confused. Must be an age thing !

Where in the UK are you? Not an address, a County is close enough.

Hi Andrew,

I am near Cambridge, but my home town is Ayr and I might be able to deliver to Glasgow as I pop up to visit relatives every now and then.

Re prices, the big cabinets are £50 each.
The Acrylic cabinets are £350 for the pair.
The 20 liter sealed cabinets for the Seas Excel drivers are £35 each.
The Excel drivers are £150 per pair.

Hope this helps and all the best