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Hakko 929 Tips Group Buy

Due to the demand for tips for Hakko 929 stations, I'm organizing a group buy of tips. Currently, Techni-Tool is the best place I've found to purchase tips. The standard types of tips cost $21.60 each. Specialized tips cost slightly more. Techni-Tool stocks most if not all of the tips, a complete list of which can be found here . The standard tips are the A1243 0.8mm chisel tip and A1244 1.6MM chisel tip.

To participate in this group buy, send an email to [email protected] and use the subject "Hakko Tips". List the part numbers and quantities of the tips you want. Tips will be sent via 1st class mail in the US and Airmail overseas. Shipping will be very cheap, around $2 for a single tip in the US, $2.50 to Canada. I'll let you know the exact cost after I know what you are ordering.

I'll be accepting payment by PayPal only. I'll be adding Paypal fees and a fraction of the Techni-Tool shipping cost into the total cost. The total cost for one tip will be about $25. I'll need to receive payment from everyone before I order from Techni-Tool.
Yes, these will work with the 903 iron. The 903 is the iron that comes with 929 and 939 stations. There is no real discount on this group buy. Techni-Tool is the cheapest source of tips that I have found so far, but they have a $50 minimum order. By doing a group buy, we'll get around that. Also, the shipping cost will be reduced, because I doubt that Techni-Tool usually ships for $2. If anyone knows of a source that will give us a discount, I'm more than willing to order there instead.
The A1243 will work fine for SMD soldering. If you are going to be working with really small parts you might want something smaller, but the A1243 will be fine for most things.

I'm hoping to place this order by Wednesday of this week. If you want to order a tip, please email me soon. I'll need to receive all payments by Tuesday night.