Hair-grooming syncope

I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but it happend to me recently.

I was getting my haircut and suddenly felt very light headed. I almost passed out, but didn't lose complete consciousness.

The barber stopped cutting my hair and I moved onto a couch for a few minutes. After a while the light headedness got somewhat better and I returned to the barber chair and he finished the haircut. I still didn't feel completely normal, but was able to drive home. Eventually the feeling cleared up completely.

I mentioned it to my doctor and he said you have Hair Cut Syncope. It's a fairly rare, but well understood condition. He said it's probably from the sound of either the scissors or the razor.

So if anyone starts to feel light headed or dizzy next time you get a haircut that's probably the reason.
I cant stand electric hair cutting machines, I think is cause I had experienced lots of electric shocks, that buzz that machines make cause me flinch my face and stress me to a point i cant move a muscle, one of the worse feeling i can stand without screaming like crazy. I also hate barbers, once a guy almost cut me a ear in half while he was watching tv and working at same time, and I also hate soccer..........
Well that's interesting. I had a strong aversion to barbers when I was a young adult, but never fainted.

My father used to drag me to the barber until I was too big to drag, and stand there and tell the barber exactly how to cut my hair while scowling and yelling at me. He made sure I had the dorkiest haircut possible, which ensured I would get into many fights in school.

His parenting method in general was like year round military school. When I turned 16 or so it backfired badly. He could no longer overpower me physically and I basically said screw you Dad. Of course I grew my hair nice and long which really pissed him off. I didn't get a "get a job" haircut until I was in my 20s and already had a job.