Hagerman bugel 2 powered by esp p05 power supply


2015-12-21 4:12 pm
I finished constructing a hagerman bugle 2 phono preamp which I was hoping to integrate into an esp preamp that I am building. I was thinking that the esp 05 power supply could be used to power this unit. I tested the power supply and it worked flawlessly, but when I connected the +/-v and ground to the bugel 2 in the position of j1 and removed the railsplitter the -v seemed to be drawing too much current causing the resistor r2 on the power supply to smoke. I'm assuming that I made a mistake in the construction of the bugle preamp but don't know where to start trouble shooting. Does anyone have any experience powering the bugle 2 with a regulated power supply? I contacted Jim hagerman before wiring the phono preamp to the supply, and he said that my method should work. Anyway any help would be appreciated, thanks.