hafler xl 280

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greetings all,
new to site, nice to have contact with buffs since i sold hi end audio in the 70s and moved to another city that has never heard of mid fi, much less hi fi, i am looking to put together a cheap(lol) system at least for the amp and pre, am wondering if the hafler xl 280 is worth the trouble or is there some other really clean amps out there i might consider. probably will need min. 150 watts or more, probably will try and find some nice dahlquist dq-10s, sold arc, levinson, koss, quad, gas, and much of the better stuff 30 years ago or so. have maggies, dqs, and other fill ins over the years but would like to go to dqs as i loved their sound if my hearing would really notice it now, but i will try. any ideas where to find any of the above? thanks in advanced for any enlightenment in this time of austerity
Saw some pics of your speakers. Never heard those; been very impressed w/much smaller models.

I take it you're rebuilding a 2 channel system. I'd start @ the begining w/the source of your choice. Then follow w/the preamp connected to line a input on the Nak. I'll finish this later;Husband/fatherhood calls.
OK I'm back.

Remember: regardless of where you look in your playback chain, any component will only sound as good as how its connected to what's what's driving it.

A correction to previous post: "I'd follow w/the preamp OF YOUR CHOICE w/a quality IC" using the Nak as a power amp.

I won't go past that on ICs (or wire) as that WILL ignite a debate. I'm convinced ICs & wire are THE most controversial subject in the audio world. I'll PM you a link to a diyaudio thread that overstates that point.

A side note: you could upgrade your speaker connection (wire) FIRST;that is BEFORE you buy anything if don't have what would be your final choice!

Then buy your power amp (& IC) w/your "new" speaker in mind. Up untill this point still use those ADSs. Gotta go

i sold audio in the late 70s and noticed most cartridges had a huge profit margin built in, say retail for audio technica at-11 was $45 our costs was $3, all cartridges under $300 or so were like that, probably sonus started the line of demarcation of profit margin and quality, whats up with the cartridge seen these days?
Have decided on your front end? Turntable, CD?

Remember my mantra: "Any component only sounds as good as what's driving it or what's in front of it." The industry learned that in the mid '80s when they got the CD right.

i am looking to get better amp and pre[amp],

I believe I'm NOT your best source for counsel on electronics. Read on.

... possibly dahlquist or maggies later...
I'm far from an expert on either of those speakers. I've heard either need a robust amp, the Maggies for sure. I remember reading on another thread or forum (website;e.g.HT) someone using a lightly moded XL280 for maggies so the Haffie may do it for you. Go to solid state then to "search" near top, type in "hafler xl-280" & "maggie" or "maggies" click on Go. You will get a thread list, newest first, of any thread w/a mention of "hafler xl-280" & "maggie" or "maggies." Click on the first w/a subject line that may help you. Then click on "search this thread," type in just xl-280"or "maggie(s)." You'll get a listing of any reply w/a mention of "hafler xl-280" or "maggie(s). Not the most efficient way to look but it beats looking through every reply of every thread. These same steps work on most forums-I'm a member of several.
...a good class A amp with 200 wpc or so, maybe b & k or such, any suggestions?
I like class A. Want to mod several '280s to drive tweeters. Another long story for another reply. If you're curious I just posted more details about this on "how to destroy your hi-end equipment;" another '280 fan.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Cheers tony
is that like phase array... you change the plane of each driver?
the pic I saw showed your speakers' mid & tweeter (MT) side-by-side. I meant vertically aligned as viewed from the front. Hadn't considered the side, ala DQ10? You could try both ideas for almo$t nothing.

Throw together a small separate MT L-shapped baffle w/attn to driver apex alignment, extend the XO connections, seal the opening(s) w/a piece of wood, & rest them atop the existing closures w/MT about ear level. Then slide them fore & aft until you hear them "focus." From there, take measurements from a reference point from the woofer.

From there, on the 'Net*, you can find more info* than you need to build new closures. In addition to alignment, my other chief reason for new closures is rigidity, specifically internal bracing. Wire, BPs, XO cap upgrades, icing on the cake.

If you're saving speaker upgrade for last and if you don't do anything else & you're handy w/crimpers or soldering iron, while some will say otherwise, new internal wire-heavier for woofers**, will improve** things. I'll PM a more-detailed sucess story on this. You could upgrade binding posts to 8 or 10 gage friendly BPs.
* elsewhere on this forum

what type of capacitors do you recommend?
By the way, almost any component containing capacitors over 20 years old would be restored or upgraded w/new caps. Click on the following link.

Capacitor shootout - Page 5 - Club Polk

This takes you a page 5 of 7 page Polk Audio forum thread by the same name. I remember reading Daytons got it done cheaply. I encourage you to read all of it. If you're willing to go a bit further w/time & $, some replys got specific w/the best choices for series & shunt use. Believe the break-in comments.

I'm sure others will differ on some of the above specifics.

Parts-express*.com is one place you can find ANY thing you need, except wood products, to do any of this fun stuff.
* I've bought BPs, wire, & a few other things from them

Hope my $.02 helps. cheers tony
... are [you] an engineer?
An EE wannabe. Started a degree program many years ago, ran into an intellectual road block. I'm about to under take something that's likely w-a-a-y above my head: reverse-engineering my circa mid '80s Belles power amps due to lack of schematic. I'm not alone on this. They both have DC offset issues; one far more serious than the other. Your welcome to follow my progress on diyaudio "will pay for Belles 1 schematic"
...or audiohead that has been tinkering for a long time?
a far more accurate description. I love to tinker; tweek-a-holic really. I have bi, tri, & quad-amped my car & home systems w/similar Home Theatre (HT) plans. If you have time, any RTi A7 thread on the Polk audio speaker forum over the last 8+ months I started. As a result of my past tinkering & plans for future tinkering, I'm taking a different approach to HT w/an eye on music. I have my LCR & surrounds, all RTi series. I got my sub, free, as a result of a funiture P/U from Craig's list! I'll PM ya some of the specifics for my approach to HT.

Cheers tony
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