Hafler dh500 vs dynaco st400

Well there is more to the issue, Sheldon. I used the DH500 for years with the swan system driving the subwoofer system. Also with peerless 12's and dynaudio 7's and d28s. It was great. I was mid stroke re-working the dh500 and slipped from the hobby. now tryin to get back I'm not sure which amp would be the best audio. Stock or reworked, I guess that is my question.. Thanks for reply....


2008-06-12 3:43 am
I don't know how any of them sound, both my Dynas were DOA when I got them and haven't seen or heard the Hafler. I've searched everywhere for mods on the Dynas but nobody seems to do anything to them except return them to working order. I know there were/are lots of mods for the DH200/220 but don't know if any of it applies to the 500.