Hacking the Denon AVR 3802

I think this classifies as DIY. Its not fullon building yet, i'm still just a sophmore computer engineer, havent gotten seriously into EE yet, but....

Does it sound at all feasible to add an RS232 port to the denon avr 3802? I'm hoping it'll be simple, just make use of an unused header inside, maybe wire something up to route around the IR.

If the **** hits the fan, I might break out the microcontrollers and wire them up to enable my computer to push buttons on the console. It'd be difficult cause i'd have to keep the reciever's information and the computer's state syncronized, in order to make sure my computer is sending the right data.

It'd be a pain, but the results should be worth it.

Just too broke for the 4802. Might use it's control protocol though. The features are the same right? (thats why i'm thinking there may be an unused serial header... maybe the same boards, but different power supply and different drivers between 3802 and 4802, with some features (serial) not used?).

Anyone interested? Anyone else done any similar hacks?

Rather than trying to bypass the IR decoder in the Denon RCVR,
you will probably have better luck simply duplicating the IR signals that the Remote sends with your PC.

There are devices available that will attach to a port on your PC (mine is serial) and you can point the remote at it and it will read the signal for a particular button. It can then play that signal back through the same dongle.

I believe one is called the IRMAN, though I have never seen or used it.

Good Luck
- ayman