Hacking a video dist. for 10mhz ref dist.


2004-10-28 4:25 am
I need a distribution amp for my single 10mhz reference signal....to go to all my test gear (@ 50 ohm)

I've read that a cheap way to do this, is buy a cheap analog video dist. amp, and just use that.
But they are terminated @ 75 ohm.

For minimal effort and cost.....can I just change the video DA's 75 ohm resistors, to 50 ohm ?
My cables are all 50 ohm, and the test gear wants 50 ohm.

(transformer isolation would be ideal....maybe later)
Sorry, no schematic...but it's simply one CLC414 quad current feedback chip at the input, then feeding 2 more of the same.....for 20 outputs - all with 75 ohm output resistors.
Plus a 75 ohm termination resistor switch at the input, and a gain adjust.


(someone else's idea)