Guitar Preamp Tube combination


2008-01-18 9:39 pm
I'm looking at building a guitar preamp. I'm not sure what tube combination would be appropriate to get some drive (nothing too heavy). I'd like to stick to readily availbable tubes. I was thinking I'd use the 12ax7 as the "second" stage to the preamp. What tube should I use as a first stage to overdrive this? Another 12ax7, or something different?
Any ideas would be appreciated!


2004-09-08 7:17 am

- 6EJ7 (fraction of the $ of an EF86 and sounds much the same. CLEAN tone)
- 6AU6 (relaxed, clean sound)
- 6JW8 (triode is like a 5751 in sound as a second stage and OD's niiiiiiice)
- 6AN8 (put on some sunglasses and get warm and smooth)