Grundig is better than PassLabs, there's no matter!

Hallo, I've got a question for all of you..there's an italian site: (you could translate it with babelfish) in these pages Mr. Ambrosini affirms that in the early eighties Grundig's electronics and speakers used some particular technologies that he calls CCI that lets a full Grundig system beat any other Hi-End system ....any other!! Hey Mr. Pass, also better than your amps!
He say that he is able to reproduce on any cd-player that trick that he call Linear Transfer, and He create these amp that call LT that can beat any oters....but he don't want explain wich is this secret technology developed by Grundig... Any one knows if this could be true? There's any Grundig eng. that could reveal if all the Ambrosini words are real? All the people that try Ambrosini trick and full Grundig systems suggested by Ambrosini are extremely satisfied.
Thanks to any one who would reply to me...

Please consider that personally I don't belive the Ambrosini things.
I don't intend to lose any sleep over these claims...if the circuit is as great as claimed, surely someone would have noticed at some point during the last twenty years. Word would have gotten out, one away or another.
It's not impossible, mind you, just very, very, very improbable.

I browsed through the wesite quickly but I couldn't find the comments you are referring to about grunding being superior to everything out there, even PASS LABS PRODUCTS...that's ok Grey don't worry about it just go back to sleep :rolleyes:.
Contrary to others, I think I have something constructive to say since I owed (ok, my dad did) one of the forementioned integrated Grundig system and the famous box300 and a pair of box500 speakers, too. I think my dad bought them as the cheaper alternative to telefunken, but still I enjoyed them very much for like 15 years a few years. The box 500 are long gone I remember the tweeter was quite fragile I replaced them more than once but it kept getting fried and it was making screetching noises at one key frequency range. My brother still has a functioning pair of box300.
I cannot remember what happened to the amp (it was 25 years ago) I was very fond of the tuner section (which quality and perfomance together with telekunken stuff remains IMO unmatched) and the cassette until the latter broke down.
Have the system had a record player it would have been a different story but since it did not, it forced me to build my first amp (a radford HD250) which I cloned from the service manual I got from a friend, and to get a garrard 301 record player from another acquaitance paid like 20 bucks for it complete with SME tonearm, little did the guy know. Still have that in my parents basement somewhere. I digress.

I am saddened by the demise of grundig and telefunken, two old fashioned companies that made great electric engineering creations and sold them for very very little money. I don't know if grundig was the best but I know one thing for damn sure, since the MBA's have taken over the world it's impossible to get anything remotely the same for the money.

But does that matter?

Here in the US, people buy 2 channel systems based on how the guy at 6moons or whatever liked the product, you got addicted audiophiles that own a grand total of 10 records spending 10s of thousands of dollars in gear swinging more amps every year than wives. From a recent sampling of what's out there I arrived at the conclusion that sound quality is for the most part irrelevant for both buyers and manifacturers.
Philips took a major share in Grundig in the early 80s, up till their withdraw in the late 90s Philips dictated the technology of Grundig.

In the 80s Grundig came out with the "Fine Arts" series, a high quality line.
The one really big surprise was their limited series tube amplifier, with an extraordinary design and superb build quality.
Which sounded pretty good, but the price was in accordance.
Very unlikely that the active speaker series Grundig produced was far different from Philips MFB technology, the first active speaker series with electronic cone movement correction.

Grundig used to produce turntables that were quite nice, as with Telefunken the high days of the company were definitely before the 80s.
I remember a certain Grundig tuner fondly, but this was from the early '70s and old even then--mono and tubed, as I recall. This was definitely way before the 'early eighties.' If they've had a secret, giant-killer circuit for twenty or twenty-five years or so, it's news in this part of the world. Other than myself, I don't think I know a single person who has ever even heard of the brand.
Famous? Not these days. Not here.


P.S.: I've got a Grundig short wave receiver within arm's reach as I write this, but it's a recent piece; someone has acquired the rights to the name. It's certainly not going to set the world on fire for sound quality.
grundig uber alles!!!

Yes, in Italy Mr Ambrosini made a lot of rumors with his hifi site.
, lot of people goes to ebay germany to buy old grundig stuff.
But the funny thing is that now you see a lot of advertising on the second hand italian market for grundig stuff!!
This would mean something.
I had not the chance to listen to the Grundig stuff but if it's so good i ask myself why nobody is trying to clone them on this site:cannotbe: :clown:


Grundig, Telefunken....and Philips

Reading your posts guys came to mind a great tuner from Philips
and from the past (circa 1965) that I onwed and would like to
find. I can't remember the model number, it was a great unit,
it had FM St, AM, Long wave (useful in Europe) and I think it
was three bands of SW. Solid state, not tubes.
I remember to use the SW bands (not hifi by any stretch of
the imagination) just because I was living in Africa at the time and
the FM band wasn't usable because of the distance I was from
any city.
Anyway I'm sure somebody will remember this Philips unit and
could tell me the model number, may be, just may be someone
have one of this tuners and wants to get rid of. I would buy it!
Thanks guys for your possible interest.
BTW this tuner had a nice wooden cabinet.
Sam tellig.....

Who's Sam tellig?
After 30 seconds on the google, i've understood that Sam Tellig is one of the American gurus of HiFi.
Mr. Ambrosini probably is still not so popular as Mr. Tellig, but from my very humble point of view, both are trying to raise money convincing people that they have the absolute truth on their hand (and ears).
And from my point of view, any absolute statement is always wrong.


yes it's true! you are in perfect reason, but.......

I mean that history teach us that most of the times somebody has got an absolute truth, after a while somebody is very pleased to discover that the first assumption was not true!

Think about George W.'s WOM.:smash:

quoting an italian writer...

Mr. Luciano De Crescenzo is a popular book writer in Italy.
Once he wrote a book titled "The Doubt".
The last page is quoting this verbal exchange between 2 guys:

"Just idiots have no doubts!"

"are you sure?"

"no doubts at all"