Group Delay?

I'm considering the design of subwoofer for the mini home theatre in my bedroom area. I want the lowest bass possible in a 2-3cu ft max enclosure. The obvious choice here is the ACI SV10, as it has a huge xmax and doesn't need a lot of enclosure volume to play deep. In a ported enclosure of 2 cu ft with an Fb of 21Hz it plays impressively deep with an F3 of about 23Hz.

_BUT_ group delay reaches around 25ms at 20Hz in that alignment. Will this result in noticably 'loose' bass?

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2001-10-19 4:53 am
For those desiring more info on the GD topic here are a couple of references

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Volume 63, Number 5, pp. 1478-1483 (May 1978)

"The Differential Time-Delay Distortion and Differential Phase-Shift Distortion as Measures of Phase Linearity" by Marshall Leach,
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