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Group buy for Augerpro Scan-Speak waveguide (circular version)

NOTE: Unless indicated otherwise, I will keep a small stock of these waveguides. If you want the waveguides, just follow the steps below.

This is a group buy for the waveguides designed by augerpro that will fit the "larger" Scan Speak tweeters. This group buy is for the circular type, made from solid aluminium, black anodized. The dimensions are very similar to the WG148 waveguide.

These waveguides fit the Scan Speak D3004/66x0 (textile and beryllium domes), the R2904 ring radiators and most likely also the R3004 ring radiator. Just replace their stock face plate by the waveguide. The waveguides might possibly also fit some of the other Scan Speak tweeters, but I have not seen how these tweeters look behind their face plate, so I can't promise.

A 3D STEP file of the waveguide is available here. I also have some measurements of this waveguide, along with the elliptical version A (augerpro) and the WG148 here.

Price will be CHF 95 per piece (about 85 Euro). Add shipping costs, customs fees, taxes, etc.

I'd prefer shipping with Swiss Post.

I have 10 pieces of these waveguides. First come, first served.*

To sign up to this group buy:
(1) Reply to this thread and add your diyAudio name and the number of waveguides you want to the list.
(2) Send me a PM with your full name, shipping address, telephone number (optional), and email address.
(3) I will send you a PayPal invoice.
(4) Once I received your payment, I will send the waveguides to you.

  • If you are looking for the waveguides used in the Open Source Monkey Coffin, this is it!
  • I currently have a bunch of waveguides from the third batch in stock. Once they run out, a new batch can be done without too much trouble.
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