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Group Buy - Ettinger Ceramic Standoffs, Ceramic Strips and Solder Tags


I am initiating a group buy for some ceramic parts, as mentioned in the subject. This group buy will be open until the 10th of June. At this day, I will close the blow listed link and send out all the payment details.

Please use this link to add your desired amount of parts.
The mentioned costs are just for the parts. The prices neither include the shipment costs from the vendor to me, nor the shipping costs to you. The shipment costs from the vendor to me will be split the relative share of the parts. Example: We order 1000 items overall, you have ordered 100. That means, you will be charged with 10% of the vendor shipping costs. OK?

- Paypal. Costs = Order Value + 1.9% of Order Value + 0.35 EuroCent.
- Bank transfer

How to order:
Just add you diyaudio nickname to the list and add the desired amount to the part nr. That's it. Please send me an email/pm if you have any questions.

cheers, tom

Do give you a better overview, I am going to order these parts:




LL028030 (3 pins), LL028060 (6 pins), LL028090 (9 pins)

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