Grounding the platter bearing


2011-11-15 9:28 am
Is there any reason to run a ground lead from the platter bearing to the same ground as the tonearm? My Roksan makes a bad attempt at it, and even when fixed, only connects the bearing to the arm mount. The mount is insulated from the arm itself, so it is not connected to the tonearm ground (different to signal ground). Is there any reason to ground the bearing at all, either separately or by joining it to the arm ground?


2008-08-21 11:12 am
I've a Well Tempered Classic that suffers badly from static build-up.

Using one of those cheap carbon-fibre record brushes I sawed off a 20mm length and mounted it flat , with double sided tape, just a few thou clear of the platter then ran a wire from it to mains ground... altough not touching the platter I can clearly see the individual fibres reacting.
Static problem solved...

Is that the use case you're thinking of ?


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
...any reason to run a ground lead...

Alligator clip-leads are your FRIEND. You can quickly try and change grounding theories. If it gets worse you take it off. If it gets better you plan a permanent connection. (Although actually I have left clip-leads in place for years--- systems change and I might get in a situation where it is better with the connection removed.)