Grounding or RCA whining noise problem...

I have a Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP indash receiver and I am having grounding or RCA whining noise problem...

Four things I've done so far:
1. Replaced three different RCA cables.
2. Changed to a different amplifier.
3. Re-grounded three times to different areas.
4. RCA cables not being near the power cables.

One thing that I figured out was when I unplug the RCA cables from the Sub-Out from the receiver. The whining noise stops. My other amp that controls the highs (door speakers) don't make any noise. I tried turning off Sub in the settings, still the same problem.

Once I get this fixed, I have one more question...Since the receiver has an IP-Bus..will I be able to use a Pioneer IPod adapter (CD-I200) ?

He was likely referring to an SMD fuse.

You can check for continuity with an ohm meter to determine if the shield ground is open.

From the photo in the service manual, I can't tell if it's an SMD or through-hole type fuse. The attached image shows its location (FU351 - just under the IP bus connector).


Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
It's not safe. If you allow the 12v power wire to contact the RCA shield, something will burn. If you used a small wire to ground the shields, it's likely to burn, If you used a large wire, the RCA shield may burn along its entire length.

Fuses are cheap. There's no excuse not to use one.

It's sometimes difficult to solder chrome plated connectors. If you hit it with sandpaper to take off the top layer, it's much easier.