Greets from Newcastle/UK


2010-11-18 1:02 am
Hey everyone,

Excellent forums, glad to have found this place!!!

Thanks for reading my intro, I'm not fond of paragraphs this close to bedtime so I'll keep this simple.

I am: - Male, 38, engaged with a baby on the way.
- I.T Techician/Administrator.
- A big fan of audio/computing and tinkering.
- 80'/90's long haired rocker, well the hair has long since gone :p
- Playing military simulation/strategy games.
- Cuisine.....I'll try anything twice.
- Love to travel and enjoy live concerts or the odd festival.
- Always up for a laugh.

chat soon ;)


2010-11-18 1:02 am
What do you figure you'll tackle first?

Well, I wouldn't mind making my own tube amp that could be modded into a PC Media Cener enclosure. I'm currently modding/hacking a laptop into a Mac (HackBook), I'll post the project log when I get it finished.

Give us a receipe for homemade Stotties and you´ll have friends for life.:D

I'll do my best, I've got a mate who manages at the Gregg's Bakery main factory, maybe he can help?

Cheers lads


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