Greetings From Stockton-on-Tees

Hi All :)
Having an electronics interest from a young age - remeber 'Tandy' and their 30-in-1 electronics kits like Maplin sells now....
Well that was the beginning.
Come 17 years of age and I found myself studying City&Guilds 224 and after attaining a few distinctions went back for more- control systems, Satellite etc.
A few more years and grey hairs then did all the didgital bits n bytes lol and eventually the last thing I wanted to see was the inside of a TV set!!

I like all things thermionic, preferably tri/pentode SE driving interstage TX into P-P ultralinear KT 88,90,120/6550a into horn loaded cab- think Lowther- small fron horn - driver with 'whizzer cone, rear loaded folded horn for the low notes.....

As well as Hi-Fi I have an interest in PA and have a few tricks i'd like to pull out my sleeve and share, along with others i'm weary of making public for fear of not fully understanding patents procedures and so forth :confused: Anyways , after following a link from here somewhere I found that 'air' starts behaving in a 'non-linear-fashion' above a certain SPL... :eek:

If lifes one big learning curve then I think i'm going round the bend :D