Greetings from Scottsdale, AZ

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So here I am, my first time posting to this site. I am a 25 year software engineer with a crazy desire to learn to repair vintage stereo electronics. I started out collecting 70's vintage SS gear, Pioneer, Sansui, kenwood.
Anything with VU meters and a wood case. I learned how to replace lamps, de-oxit controls, check resistors, capacitors for shorts or leaks and real basic stuff.

Then I started getting into tube vintage and especially CONSOLES. I have a beautiful 1963 tube Voice Of Music model 869, a 1959 Blaupunkt 40400 Vollestereo and a newly acquired Barzilay/Fisher X-100, FM-100-B console

The VOM is my main listening console, it has the optional 740 RtoR tape deck and is sooo sweet. I had the TT rebuilt by Gary at VOM enthusists and it works perfectly

I am now working on my Blaupunkt and my first work on re-capping and restoring the receiver. I learned how to read schematics and have had success in not blowing anything up...yet.

I readily admit, I really need some handholding and the occasional shove off the cliff to gain confidence and experience

I have read the SAFTEY THREAD and wrote down, poster style, the 10 commandments of high voltage

I hope not to get bashed too bad since I am a complete novice with no EE degree. I see that some here are not to thrilled to answer basic questions, but I will pose the questions anyway (After searching for relevent threads). I mean, are there really any dumb questions?

I also belong to other similar sites that cater to the audio enthuisist.

My go-to SS gear

Soundcraftsmen MA5002, PE2217R, T6001 tuner
Teac 2300s R-R
Akai 730 Cassette
Sony 8-track
Dual 1019 TT

Other SS stuff
MAC 1900
Marantz 2226

other tube stuff
VOM 1428/1416 tube amp/tuner

Heathkit EA-3 twin amps

Yorx compact all-in-one wind up stereo (ok, I have a sense of humor)


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Hi Omegaman - and Welcome to diyAudio!!! :D:D:D

Great restoration job on those consoles!!!! Beautiful work!!! Items like that are getting to be collectible by some in todays world of plastic things with digital readouts and remote control menu's.

No need to be shy about being new to the hobby or the need for a bit deeper knowledge base. I've been doing electronics at a technical level for a very long time but I'm not an engineer. Many people here ARE engineers - AND some of 'em are "world class" level of design and have the track record that comes with that experience. So - you are getting to learn from some of the very best that choose to share their knowledge. But ya gotta start somewhere - and you are off to a verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice start. Believe me - I'm jealous!!!! :up:

Here is a link about fixing old audio gear that has some practical tips that you might find of interest = Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Audio Equipment and Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Ya might want to look around for a used o'scope - my favorite electronic tool for trouble shooting (after a good multi-meter)
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