Greetings from S. Florida

Hi all.
My name is Mark, but you’ve probably already figured that out.
My reason for joining this forum is to pick your brains as much as possible. Really I’ve found that this forum has a lot of discussions going on and I want to learn as much as I can about DIYAudio.

But first a little about myself.

I’ve been interested in HiFi audio since I was a kid. I remember picking up from local dealers and requesting from manufacturers their marketing brochures for particular models I was interested in. Also liked reading Stereo Review and Audiophile magazines.

I’ve been looking to build speakers for a long time and recently learned that there is a large community interested in building amps. I’ve really been thinking about starting.

Now my first question is in regards to AliExpress. I’ve found a lot of boards and such on AliExpress at what appears to me ridiculously low prices. So my question is, do any of you have any experience or opinions regarding AliExpress?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry the end of post is kinda rushed. I wanted to finish before my lunch break was over. (3min.) to go. 🤪