Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

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I am an electrical engineer with a background in DSP and embedded systems. I have been interested in audio electronics since being a teenager but only recently have I started building equipment after discovering Audio Amateur/Electronics magazine several years ago. I have built both the Zen revisited / Bride of zen amplifiers by Nelson Pass and am currently thinking about building either an Aleph 2 or something similar to the new XA amp. I am also planning to build a microcontroller controlled preamp using either the BOSOZ or the Aleph P circuitry (or maybe using the super symmetric circuitry?).

Additionally, I would like to build a DAC possibly along the lines of Pass DAC.

My stereo system consists of NAD 440 FM tuner, NAD 602 tape deck, NAD 5000 CD player, Yamaha KX-930 tape deck, Harmon Kardon HK990Vxi receiver and Definitive Technology BP-10s. The music I listen to is mostly acoustic jazz (Miles, Thelonious, ...), Bluegrass, Old-time, Grateful Dead, Medeski,Martin and Wood, Bob Dylan, and Country/Ragtime Blues (I also play guitar in this idiom)

I am looking forward to being an active member of this group!!!!

Because I will have to fdisk your brain and reformat it to clean out the useless crap they taught you there. What a worthless place.

I'm sure you had the same Profs., teaching from the same hand-outs they have been using for 40 years now. You can count on one hand the few that aren't totally useless.


hope for your own sake you do not listen to Jocko's university downtalk .... :) compulsive habit with him :)

Each of us has to succeed in spite of his teachers. Recently i met my music teacher from Gymnasium/highschool. I made a fun of blaming him not having me told a word of several composers, both ancient and contemporary which i felt to be essential to know and to consider their influence on music. His blank face outed him: he did not even know the names himself which he admitted later. Big Fun!

But essence of the story is that i did not let this man limit my horizon, i continued to seek and to learn after school and collected knowledge not even known by existence by my teacher. And so i kept it with university (sorry, university of applied sciences).

if you haven't yet settled on a path, maybe you pester some obviously knowledgable DAC folks around here, including Jocko (so it seems to me :) ) but maybe it is possible to get MHuber and Vinylsavor to talk about their DAC/CDP. Me listened to both folk's CDP and they are the only CDPs so far satisfying my vinyl-jaded ears. From this listening experience i can say that the two technical features both units have in common seem to be a step forward in topology, not only a tweak, and they separate it sonically from other CDPs/DACs, making it the most analogue sounding digital i ever heard.

The two features: no dreadful SPDIF interface, transport data and clocks separated and not entangled on a single electrical or optical conductor. And the OSC is located close to the DAC chip and generates the master clock, the drive is clocked by this master clock, not inverse as with most other units.
For the record: SPDIF is fine for recording->ADC->harddisk, its dreadful influence develops at CD-drive->DAC.

which is your preferred Monk recording? Me 2 being a Monk addict :)
MMW: got introduced to it by Vinylsavor, wow, what a gorgeous stuff!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.