Greetings from Miami!!

Well fellow audiophiles. I guess i would like a brief intro for those fellow Tubed Guys out there about why i am subscribing etc. Firstly i would like to thank you all for the information this forum provides. I am going to start searching the Archives firstly. The real reason i am here is because i am going to embark on a new journey. I am a local dj from miami and an aspiring producer. The music i play is an "advanced?" form of breakbeats called drum and bass (or jungle). It is very bass intensive and after listening to a tubed amp system (45000 watt and 38 Subs) I definetly am starting to understand. I wanted to build a modest mono Bass and Mono High/Mid amps. The bass would be 200W and KT88 tubes (yet i can not find any schematics that would show me how i know they exist). I think the transformer would output like 800 Volts. In any case you guys rock.
:D :D :D ;) :D