Greetings from Mallorca (Spain)

Presentation, is one of the things I had pending for this year, I take some time off to do it.

I have been reading the forum for some time, first of all thank all the members for the help, interest and enthusiasm with which you treat this fantastic hobby, it is an authentic source of knowledge and wisdom.

About me, to say that I am in love with music, is part of my identity (I am not a musician, despite my grandmother's efforts) I am also not an extreme audiophile, I enjoy live music, the music of my hifi, but also with the bluetooth speaker that I have in the bathroom.

I am a carpenter, so I ask for a little patience, because electronics, physics and other acoustic ingredients are not my domain.

Now I have an idea to make my first speakers

I do not extend more, I hope you know me through the threads.

(sorry for my spanish english)

Un saludo