Greetings from Italy

hello everyone, my nickname is Landrupp and I am writing from Italy.
really, I'm not a great DIYers, I occasionally take pleasure in repairing something, but I don't have great skills, in life I deal with construction and architecture, with hifi technology I understand very little but ... I commit myself to what little I know .
I apologize in advance for my English, I am not a native speaker and I will help myself with Google translate...
Ok, see you soon and thanks for accepting me among you.
hello everyone and thanks for the greetings, I hope to meet you soon in the forum ;)

Hello guy? Which part of Italy? My ancestors was from Crottone, in Calabria (I believe).

I write from Turin, in northern Italy (Piedmont region) but I'm born in Puglia, a region in southern Italy ... and yes, Crotone is in Calabria region, in southern Italy
@Osvaldo de Banfield
I searched on youtube for Pine Prestarazzi but I didn't find anything ... maybe it's Pino Prestanizzi ... are you sure that the name is spelled right?
however, he is an unknown character here in Italy ...
I saw him ... he is very refined ... :D :D :D
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