greetings from india

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my first post here, am very new to all this diy stuff, but its getting very interesting...

this place is really chilled out and friendly. am on some other groups where tempers rise very easily. checked out some posts with a lot of indian contributors. good to see you guys.

i run a small studio in chennai, and recent complaints are that my mixes are not translating well enough on many tvs.

was looking for 'auratones', the standard tv reference monitors. the low end tapers off at above 100 hz, which makes sense, considering that most tvs cannot hear below 100. it looks as if the stuff is no longer available, but i came across this.

its a design inspired by the auratones, using fostex fe127 or fx120 full range drivers, in a 3.6 liter sealed enclosure.

i am absolutely not an electronics guy and have never dabbled in diy. i have found a nuwood supplier nearby, and the caps, resistors etc specified are also available easily, as per my local electronics guy. but the drivers??? :bawling:

fx120s cost about $200 a pair and are too expensive to justify to my partner. any indian equivalents? any indian brethren to my rescue with ideas and suggestions??


jai shankar.


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Vanakkam and welcome to the forum. I did my medical training at Madras (Chennai) many years ago. I am sorry I do not know what sort of broad band speakers you can get in India. But I do know that Peerless has its manufacturing unit in India. Perhaps they make something that suits your need. The Fostex speakers here in Europe cost at least 60% more than they do at Madison sound in USA. Your best bet would be to ask one of the many Indians travelling to USA to get them for you. Best of luck.

Hi jai,

I used to have some auratones I used for HiFi speakers when I was younger. They are a nice sounding speaker I think. Some people used to call them horrortones. They probably would sound bad when directly compared to a good speaker in a studio environment.

I think the killatone speaker is actually TOO good for this purpose. My mate in his studio runs sound through a "boombox" type portable system to see what the music will sound like in through one of these.
sound can also be compressed when broadcast on radio or TV.

If I were you I would get an actual speaker from a TV or similar and put it in a cardboard box to try. Keep your eyes peeled for cheap/free speakers from old stuff and try them out. If I see a junked TV on the side of the road, I always pull the speaker out bring it home and try it out. My experience is that most speakers in modern TVs sound like rubbish. Maybe you could actually have a TV in the studio and run the sound through that. Also consider going mono to monitor as a lot of TVs are mono or have very bad separation of the speakers.

Regards Philip in Australia
from an Indian, to an Indian

I have assembled at least 4 stereo power amps, all class AB and now I want to assemble a low power 10/15 watt JLH,classA and want good sounding speakers.
Let us not go into what is good, better,best.
I have decided to build a fostex low power full range since I like classical and no boom boom.
I cannot think of importing $200 drivers as I will end up paying a total of over $600 at the doorstep when they arrive and I am not building the amp unless I buy some good drivers.

I am at present enjoying the SONY stereo and passify myself that these are the best sounding speakers.

Moral of the story
The grapes are too sour...

If u/anybody finds a reasonable way of buying the drivers, please publish it for other's benefit

gajanan phadte
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