Greetings from a humble DIYer in South Africa

Hi there. I'm new to this forum, have read many threads, and have decided to register.

I have a few passions in life; cars, music, woodwork, playing musical instruments, but nothing (that isn't family) keeps me more busy than designing and building transistor amplifiers. I can't get enough, and I have amplifiers tucked away in every cupboard or drawer I can call exclusively mine. To me, a transformer without an amplifier is a sad situation, and I must do something to correct the wrong as soon as I can.

My first projects included some amplifiers from RedCircuits, including the 5W class A amplifier and 10W op-amp based amplifier. But soon I studied transistors and started designing my own amplifiers, starting with some class A designs. My first one heated up my room in winter! My golden-thread project has been trying to build the perfect amplifier for my Celestion F20s. I've seen the end of very many transistors (and a Celestion LF driver) in the process, but I have had some great successes. Each design attempts to improve on the last. I have been designing and building for about 10 years now.

I have started to design and build guitar amplifiers as well - I love this because I can tailor the sound, whereas in Hi-Fi one attempts to reproduce the amplified signal with no modification. My guitar amplifiers work fantastically, and I've called them the MAK (my initials). I've used two MAK models for a number of events, and they sound great.

My latest design is a bridgeable quad-amplifier, and I've decided I will use it to bi-amp my Celestions rather than bridge them. I will be putting up a thread about it soon.

I'm not much into building high quality speakers. There are people who can do that - I don't have the time. I do, however, love to build subwoofers, PA speakers, and, of course, guitar amplifiers.